Microwatt with 18+ combined experience in EVs provides technical and advisory support for Electrical/Electronic system architecture to improve vehicle performance, safety, reliability, Serviceability at lower system costs, following Automotive Standards throughout the whole development process

  • Vehicle requirement analysis with respect to
    • Customer inputs, Safety, Serviceability, Operational modes, Regulatory, etc.,
  • Derivation of functional requirements
  • Function distribution - Hardware & Software
  • Component/Sub-system definition
  • Electrical connection design
  • Commuinication network design

Cell/Pack testing and characterization

With the help of sophisticated cell and pack testers, we can subject your cell/pack to various test cases and derive best operating conditions to extend battery life, such as

  • Charge/discharge rates
  • Depth of discharge
  • Temperature range
  • State Of Charge profile
  • Cell balancing requirements

and much more..