High Precision Measurement and Proven Algorithm

High Precious Voltages, Current and Temperature Measurement along with efficient algorithms enables us to accurately predict State of Charge, State og Health, keep cells balanced, maintain depth of discharge and protext the battery.

Efficient Power Modes to Extend Battery Life

Active, Sleep & Hibernate. Three different power modes to prevent battery from getting drained during storage, shipment or if the vehicle is left unused for a long duration.

On Board Memory with Real Time Clock

Enables data storage of all the critical parameters, faults event capture with real time stamp, summary of charge & discharge cycles and other factory settings.

Ensures Safety & Reliability

Built upon ADI chips which are engineered for ISO 26262 safety standard, contains redundant hardware and software mechanisms to prevent any hazards. All the critical components are AEC qualified(Auto grade) to ensure reliability.

Highly Configurable and Chemistry-Agnostic

Configuration settings deliver highly optimized battery performance and enable custom-tuning of the BMS for desired specification and battery chemistry, almost every parameter can be configured(protection thresholds, Charge parameters, SOC, DOD etc.)

Remote Monitoring

An add on GSM & GPS combo boardfacilitates remote monitoring, vehicle tracking and immobilization.

Mobile Connectivity

A Mobile app allows you to conveniently monitor the battery pack parameters via Bluetooth interface.

Parallel Packs

Up to 4 packs can be connected in parallel, Our BMS is qwuipped with necessary protection mechanism for smooth operation of packs connected in parallel, handles imbalance in packs eddectively and avoids any inrush currents, consolidates individual battery pack parameters.

Cost Effective

Microwatt leverages 15+ years of combined team experience in developing BMS systems for various applications. In consideration of india market needs and challengs, a careful selection of components right from design phase has helped us to be cost competitive whileoffering superior performance.


24-72V (<100A)

With on-board switch and current sensing for 2 & 3 Wheeler applications.

48V-72V (>100A)

For Passenger cars & Off road vehicles

96V to 1000V

Master - Slave architecture for Trucks and Buses.


24S BHMS for cell tower applications